Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Side Notes 1

Item 1: Automotive light systems
While Japanese-made and European-made cars on the whole seem to maintain the standards observed elsewhere in the world (aside from metric/imperial/US debates). However, locally-made vehicles often seem to exhibit the following symptoms:
  • Red indicators on the rear of the vehicle. Often these indicators are in fact the brake light (single side) activated through an indicator switch circuit
  • Indicators being activated as headlights (but still alternating for turning). They seem to replace the "park" lights at the front.
Item 2: Rotational light switches
I have to admit I tried a few things with these switches before I figure it out (pretty much all dimensions of force and a couple of rotation). Light switches with every 90deg rotation. I have also seen one fancier one to switch two lights - still every 90deg (Off-A-B-AB-Off).

Item 3: Toilets
The ones here seem to have significantly more water in the bowl. That is all.

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