Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LA to San Diego


This started with another pedestrian expedition, but this time to acquiesce to LA's preferred form of transport. I stopped nearby for a McDonald's breakfast (when in Rome?) but this wasn't really my first mistake. That was ordering the McGriddle. I just don't think I'm onboard with the American palate of sweet and salty. In short, a sweetened pancake with maple(like)-syrup was not what I wanted with bacon and eggs - they are just fine salty.

Skipping over some admin, organisation and packing I started to head for San Diego - but I thought it was important to go via Santa Monica (excuse the bleached hair and bad guitar mime), and Hollywood/Beverly Hills, and even more important to stop into Wal-Mart for the cheap GPSs available and recommended by Tien Mun (Indeed: $99, about 2/3 the cost of a new set of maps in Australia.)

Apart from checking a few recognisable place names off the list (eg Sunset Bvd) the most impressive place was the Hollywood hills - Jalmia Drv was the road I got to. I couldn't resist all the very squiggly lines on the GPS so I just drove until I got to a dead end. Lovely shady trees, windy roads, tight squeezes past UPS vans and vehement "no trespassing" signs were all beheld.

And then... to San Diego for a sleep.

The lack of photos until now is mainly evidence of the difficulty in photojournalism when:
- on roadtrip
- there are a lot of "No Parking" zones
- there is no accompanying BBC crew


  1. That McGriddle sounds AMAZING. Sans the cheese of course.